Personal Branding

How To Start A Personal Brand Online (4 Stages)

This video shows you how to start a personal brand online and what to focus on when you build your foundation for your personal brand! I break the foundation down to 4 stages that you need to complete in order to effectively grow your brand, without wasting your time.

How To Get The Right Traffic For Your Personal Brand Business

I think its safe to say that everybody wants more traffic for their personal brands or businesses because more traffic leads to more sales right, well in order for this to be true you need to get the right traffic into your reach and I'll be showing you how to do that in this video.

The 3 Most Profitable Online Niches To Make Money With Your Personal Brand or Business

Are you in the right niche? If you don't know, that fines because you're going to figure it out in this video. I'll be explaining the 3 most profitable core niches or markets that you want to be in and exactly how to find your market for your personal brand or business within these 3 core niches.

How Many Followers (Or Fans) You Need To Make A Living And Be Successful - 1000 True Fans Theory

1000 True Fans Theory - Article by Kevin Kelly In this video, I explain the 1000 true fans theory and give my own little twist to it. Starting a business or personal brand can feel impossible and can hold you back if you think you need a huge audience to be success.

The Top 3 Channels For Growing Your Personal Brand Online As An Entrepreneur

Here are the top 3 channels you need to be using to grow your personal brand to six figures as an entrepreneur. These social media channels used together really help you build a relationship with your followers where they are engaged in your content and trust in you if you are authentic and transparent with them.