How Many Followers (Or Fans) You Need To Make A Living And Be Successful - 1000 True Fans Theory

1000 True Fans Theory - Article by Kevin Kelly In this video, I explain the 1000 true fans theory and give my own little twist to it. Starting a business or personal brand can feel impossible and can hold you back if you think you need a huge audience to be success.

When To Post On Instagram For Maximum Engagement - New Algorithm

I break down exactly when and how often you should be posting on Instagram for getting the most engagement on our personal profile with the new algorithm update! Please leave a like if you got any value from this video and be sure to subscribe for more videos just like this one!

The Top 3 Channels For Growing Your Personal Brand Online As An Entrepreneur

Here are the top 3 channels you need to be using to grow your personal brand to six figures as an entrepreneur. These social media channels used together really help you build a relationship with your followers where they are engaged in your content and trust in you if you are authentic and transparent with them.