Should You Switch To An Instagram Business Profile? (WATCH THIS BEFORE YOU DO)

If you're trying to figure out whether to use a business profile on Instagram or just stick with a personal profile, then this video is for you and will break down the pros and cons of making the switch to an Instagram business profile. Watch this before you make the switch!

How To Start A Personal Brand Online (4 Stages)

This video shows you how to start a personal brand online and what to focus on when you build your foundation for your personal brand! I break the foundation down to 4 stages that you need to complete in order to effectively grow your brand, without wasting your time.

Welcome To My Channel: Learn What I'm All About

It is my personal mission to give you all the knowledge, confidence, steps, strategies and tools you need to enable you to build an influential and profitable personal brand around any niche to six figures and up. With this, my goal is to provide more guidance and value on personal branding than anybody else, so that modern Entrepreneurs can take advantage of the biggest online opportunity there is today - A business model centered around you and your passions that lasts your life-time.

How To Get The Right Traffic For Your Personal Brand Business

I think its safe to say that everybody wants more traffic for their personal brands or businesses because more traffic leads to more sales right, well in order for this to be true you need to get the right traffic into your reach and I'll be showing you how to do that in this video.

The 3 Most Profitable Online Niches To Make Money With Your Personal Brand or Business

Are you in the right niche? If you don't know, that fines because you're going to figure it out in this video. I'll be explaining the 3 most profitable core niches or markets that you want to be in and exactly how to find your market for your personal brand or business within these 3 core niches.

3 EASY Tips To Get MORE Instagram Story Views - UPDATED August 2018

3 Easy Tips To Get More Instagram Story Views. Updated for new algorithm, August 2018. These simple hacks will help you get extra story views on instagram which can lead to new followers on your account. You can take advantage of these tips right away after this video and can use them on all of your Instagram stories in the future.