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About Me:

I grew up basically in the middle of nowhere, from a town in North Dakota. I have been an Entrepreneur since early 2014 when I started my first business in eCommerce while I was a freshman in college. Since then, I’ve been in just about every online money making space and have gained a ton of knowledge from it all. I just recently graduated college (I know, I know…) with a Marketing degree and instead of getting a job like everyone else, I’m going after my dreams of being an Entrepreneur to impact & change other people’s lives. I noticed a trend with how people truly made money online and saw that it all came down to one thing: building a personal brand business around their knowledge & expertise. I’ve studied what has made people successful for the last 4 years, have read over 30 books on it, have taken multiple online courses, watched countless hours youtube videos, and read hundreds of blog posts to learn from the best, all while testing and applying what I learn. This was all in my free time during college and now I am taking everything I’ve ever learned to help others build successful personal brands for themselves online, because I fully believe it is the best online opportunity for people to take advantage of as a modern Entrepreneur.




It is my personal mission to give you all the knowledge, confidence, steps, strategies and tools you need to build an influential and profitable personal brand around any niche to six figures and up. With this, my goal is to provide more guidance and value on personal branding than anybody else, so that modern Entrepreneurs can take advantage of the biggest online opportunity there is today - A business model centered around you and your passions that lasts your life-time.

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Everyone has a personal brand, whether they know it or not. Your personal brand is your likes, dislikes, knowledge & expertise, beliefs, disbeliefs, morals…you know, you get the point! And if you’ve ever posted on social media under your name, that is part of your online personal brand.

Now think about any successful entrepreneur you know of nowadays…do they have a successful personal brand online? I can almost guarantee you that they do. People often overlook why people build up a personal brand, but there’s so many reasons to do it as an Entrepreneur. If you do affiliate marketing, social media marketing, coaching or consulting, Shopify drop-shipping, Amazon FBA, or any other online business, you’ve probably learned from someone online whether it be from their blog, their social media, their youtube videos, or from a digital product they sell like a course or an eBook. Helping you and positively impacting your life is one of the reasons they built up their personal brand, but it’s not the only reason.

I remember the first time that it finally clicked in my head that building a personal brand is how I will achieve my dream lifestyle. I used to be obsessed with drop-shipping because I thought it was the way I was going to make my killing as an Entrepreneur and I’d be able to get the Lambo I’ve always dreamed of, be able to provide for my family, and have that financial, location and time freedom that I’ve always wanted - I wanted to have the lifestyle just like the youtube gurus I watched. Well one day I was curious about a course that taught the process for building a profitable drop-shipping store and decided to look into the person who was selling it. I had already been subscribed to him on youtube where he helped others learn eCommerce with his videos and I was subscribed to his email list as well.

I remember hearing in one of his videos that he already had over 2000 students take the course that I wanted to buy. 2000 people? Damn now I was even more curious. How much was he making from this?

I looked into it and he was selling the course for $497, which is an average price for online courses. If 2000 people bought it, he had made at least 994,000 with nearly all of it being profit from a single course (he even had a few more courses)…think about how crazy that is! His course was only 1 of his 7 sources of income from his personal brand. When I did that calculation, a fire grew inside me. I saw how many people he had helped achieve success and while doing so how much he was rewarded for it. It was a crazy realization for me. And all of it was possible because he built up a personal brand around a niche he loved and helped others do what he does by sharing his knowledge & expertise to help change peoples lives. This was the business model I wanted to immerse myself in.

Building a personal brand and monetizing it, is a tried-and-true business model that can actually give you your dream lifestyle that so many people sell to you. Think about what a personal brand can give you…

  • You truly get to work for yourself doing what you love every single day

  • You get to help change & impact other peoples lives (which is super fulfilling)

  • You have the freedom to work when you want AND where you want

  • You will be able to take care of all the financial needs you’ve ever worried of (most personal brands have 5+ sources of incomes and coincidently most millionaires have 5 sources of income…)

  • You will be able to leave legacy for yourself

  • You will have more time to spend with loved ones

  • It gives you a higher purpose in life

  • Once you put in the up front work creating products like a course, then can continue to sell it passively for as long as you want without having to do any more work to it.

  • If you ever decide that you want to start a new business, you will already have a willing audience that will support you and will buy from you because you’ve built up your community.

  • It is a business that will last you as long as you live, and won’t crash and burn like a normal online business could and often does leaving you with no income (For example, Amazon FBA. I’ve heard of so many people losing their businesses because Amazon just decided to shut down their account for no reason)

  • …And many more benefits

What’s the lifestyle you want? Can putting in the work and building a personal brand around something you love give you that? If yes, now is the perfect time to start because it is still in the beginning trend of personal brands businesses. There’s so much more room for people and if you’ve been in online business, you know reaching success is all about catching trends early on. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Building your personal brand can be done without spending any money right away. All you need to invest in right away is social media and your time. Is making time for this worth it to you?

If you need any tips or advice to get started, feel free to DM me on Instagram because I’d love to help out!

Everyone needs to start thinking of themselves as a brand. It is no longer an option; It’s a necessity.
— Gary Vaynerchuck